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Expense process is horrendous

Usually, they are fine. But this is because I don't have to submit expenses very often. If I have to submit expenses I know that it will be painful. Everytime I submit them, I end up having to jump through different hoops. These hoops don't appear to be for any valid reason. They claim that they are imposed upon them, but, they then are unable to prove this in any meaningful way. In fact, they sent me a link to a blog post that showed their requirements were not needed. They don't permit sensible discussions about problems like this and rigidly stick to their random process. I genuinely have submitted two different claims in two consecutive months and found that they suddenly required a load of extra paperwork - obviously I didn't have this as I didn't know I needed it. The second claim was then rejected. This basically means that they have stolen my money because they will still be paid it by the end client. Everything else they do is fine. Nothing to write home about, but, they do what it says on the tin. Just a shame about expenses.
Posted anonymously
4 months ago


Still waiting for my correct payment.
Posted anonymously
2 years ago
There decision is final - No furlough!!! Contract was fixed and unfortunately ended in the middle of CV19. No furlough policy!!!. Was not helpful or supportive during the these difficult times knowing that I had no income coming in. Did not pro-actively keep employers updated on progress. Was very disappointed and felt let down by SA and ACAS. Money savings expert was not forthcoming either. No doubt the Govt. grant went a long way to furlough their own staff. Sorry bunch!
Posted anonymously
3 years ago

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