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Extremely Helpful

I've joined Champion from being PAYE with my agency whilst I got settled into my assignment and knew I wanted to carry on. I'd phoned several of the "big" companies but their response time left me on hold more than once and that was when I was able to get through in a reasonable time. I've spoken to several members of the team at Champion and each one has been helpful and responsive. I spoke to the payroll team in great length about setting up a salary sacrifice pension and whilst they couldn't go into too much information because they aren't a pension company, I was able to get free impartial advice from their business partners. It was a possibility that they could set me up in an Aegon scheme but I set up my own which was my personal choice. I've had two payments so far but everything has gone exactly as expected. I get a payslip on Thursday afternoon and then the payment goes into my account Friday.
Posted anonymously
1 year ago
Very poor service , ending up paying more tax due to not adjusting the earning w.r.t the P45, absolutely disgusting.
Posted anonymously
3 years ago
I received my last furlough payment last week now that I have been able to return to work. Champion have kept me up to date throughout, fully explaining the full process including how payments are calculated. They were extremely efficient and were even reminding me about documents I hadn't done/signed to enable me to be furloughed to ensure that I could receive all payments I was entitled too.
Posted anonymously
4 years ago
I returned to work last week so i have now had all my furlough paid. There communication has been great throughout and have constantly kept me informed. I found the whole process to be very easy, the staff were really helpful in explaining the process and setting everything with me. I am very happy to have returned to work and I have no doubt that everything will carry on as smoothly as it has been and did before. A++ service and a company that looks after there contractors
Posted anonymously
4 years ago
Communication has been very good. I had to complete a short questionnaire and provide some evidence from my client. Receive payment last week at 80% of usual pay.
Posted anonymously
4 years ago

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