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Privacy at

We're respectful of your privacy, and we don't hoover up your data: we collect as little as possible to operate the site.

We’ll keep you anonymous

We want to be a safe space to share honest and truthful insights. Some of our users need to whistle-blow, and we want to create an environment to support you to do this with confidence.

As such, whilst we may collect details that could identify you, we never share these or publish them alongside your reviews. Your reviews will appear anonymously.

So why do you need me to login?

There are two reasons: first to reduce spam / bogus reviews. This is also why we use LinkedIn for logins – to stop spam reviews from bot accounts. Just take a look at many of the companies on TrustPilot and you’ll see what happens if you allow anonymous reviews…

The second reason is that it’s very easy for rouge companies to challenge anonymous reviews and get them removed. If all reviews were anonymous, it would be a cat and mouse game against these unscrupulous operators.

It is much, much harder for them to get a review removed if they know we hold details about the poster.

If someone complains about my review (like an umbrella company or an end client), will you tell them who I am?

No. We will act as a firewall between you and anyone who challenges your review. If they dispute it, we may contact you directly to discuss your post.

What data do you collect, exactly?

The minimum data we collect is IP addresses and browser information (http headers, to be exact). We use third party services, such as Google Analytics and Logrocket, which use cookies to identify you. Some features of our site will require you to login. At which point we’ll ask you for your name and email address. All of your data is stored securely, and our architecture has been designed by a paranoid security engineer.

Statutory stuff

We’re Ltd, company number 12411724, registered in England and Wales. We’re registered with the ICO under reference number ZB074645. The lawful base for holding data is legal obligation and/or consent. Personal data is held in the UK and the EU, and we hold it for as long as you have a login, or for as long as your posted content remains published. If you wish to withdraw consent please contact

We're on a mission to promote transparency and the fair treatment of contractors, consultants and freelancers.

This site is community-driven, so we can't verify every comment and opinion shared here. Please apply your own rational judgement, and pay attention to our site rules.

This service is provided by Ltd, company 12411724, registered in England and Wales.
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