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We're on a mission to promote transparency and the fair treatment of contractors, consultants and freelancers.

We use our platform to shine a welcoming and warm light on those getting things right, whilst helping our community avoid those who treat them unfairly, or attempt to exploit them.

TL;DR; Site rules

This is a community powered site, helping raise awareness of the issues facing contractors, consultants and freelancers. Add your voice and help us to find fair clients, agents and umbrellas, and those who need some help. We're all professionals here, so let's keep our posts that way too. There are three simple rules:

  • Share what you've been told.
  • Share how you feel (nothing illegal, libellous or offensive though!).
  • Share the truth.

And, please, don't be a doucebag.

Who made this site, and why? was built by the founders of inniAccounts (we're an online accountancy firm, and a good one - check us out ;-) to help contractors and consultants work together to find fairer clients, agents and umbrella companies.

We're seeing far too many companies lock contractors, consultants, freelancers and small businesses out of their supply chains with, frankly, lazy and unfair policies. What's more, they're often then forced by agents into the unregulated umbrella company market, which is riddled with sharks and snake oil salesmen - with often live-changing consequences for umbrella workers (i.e. the loan charge).

We believe there is a serious and significant corporate social responsibility crisis brewing, due to the rogue agents and umbrella companies operating in the labour supply chain. We're trying hard to stop this happening.

We've built this site to allow contractors, consultants and freelancers to connect with one another, and share clients who are getting IR35 / offpayroll right and treating them fairly, and those who are getting in a pickle and being unfair. We're also helping collate and share information about umbrella companies and recruitment agents, where we are witnessing many significant market failures.


The posts on this site are by members of the contracting and consulting community, and reflect their personal views. It might not be what's actually going on behind closed doors, but will be how the poster sees it, or feels. As anyone can post on the site, their comments might be different from our opinion. We've not verified the accuracy of the content - so please apply your rational judgement and remember that you are using the information at your own risk and we can't accept liability if something goes wrong. We don't want to intervene, but we may remove content that's offensive or unlawful.

Concerns, errors and corrections

If you're a member of the community and you disagree with what someone has posted, please keep the conversation going and share your own point of view. If you have concerns about any of the content, please email and we'll see what we can do to help.

We're on a mission to promote transparency and the fair treatment of contractors, consultants and freelancers.

This site is community-driven, so we can't verify every comment and opinion shared here. Please apply your own rational judgement, and pay attention to our site rules.

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