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Umbrella company FairScore 0+
Brookson One

What a disgraceful way to treat us contractors. Radio silence and broken promises on payments.

I, like many other on here have zero faith in this company. They are applauding themselves with their great news about data, however, all we want is our damned money. Failing that, some communication with a personal update would be much better than the blanket announcements on their website. Their telephone systems are down, so we cant ring and speak to anyone. They owe me thousands and I have bills to pay. I am forced to go into savings to get by. My anxiety levels are sky high. The cyber attack was not their fault, but the way they have responded is. Avoid.
Posted by a LinkedIn user
3 months ago
End client
DXC Technology
Unfair IR35 assessment
Division: Secure Accounts
Blanket assessments via Brookson Legal, not directly relevant to the role. Very much a take it or leave it attitude from DXC. No options to discuss or assess fairly. Wasn't overly surprised as in many cases the Company treat contract staff very much like temps, rather than specialist expertise. Rolled off the role now.
Posted anonymously
12 months ago
End client
DXC Technology
IR35 fairly assessed
Rolled off now, but I was fairly assessed. Assessment initially by AGM, with review by external legal firm.
Posted anonymously
1 year ago
End client
DXC Technology
Outside IR35 banned
Blanket ban
Posted anonymously
2 years ago

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