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Sanctuary personell

PAYE Umbrella - FCSA

Just joined up with Amaze Umbrella - really quick joining up process and it is what is says on the tin!! I pay a low fee for the services, I get paid on time and everything is reported to HMRC when I get paid - advised I only need to do a Self Assessment if HMRC ask me to do one as the payroll is reported through the HMRC system. All Great & Easy - very helpful Customer Service Team
Posted anonymously
9 months ago
Umbrella company FairScore 0+


Parasol owes me 5 months wages which my Sanctuary consultant allowed me to put through to them. I didn't know that they were such scammers however in her position as senior consultant surely she should have know at least that they were not paying their employees their wages and should have advised me as such. Parasol is one of Sanctuarys reccommended Umbrella companies and Sanctuary Personell do not allow locums to work with others outside their 8 reccommended umbrella companies so Sanctuary needs to take some responsibility as they have a duty of care towards their locum workers and not just to collect her commission. I had been warned about her lacsidasical attitude towards locums and now I have experienced it. As much as I have enjoyed my time working at Hounslow. I will not be going to work on Monday having not received my wages which is unfortunate because I am just getting to know the young people and make a difference to their lives. However, I cannot work for free. as bills need to be paid. Shame on everyone involved in this decepetion although my God asks me to send blessing to you instead.
Posted anonymously
2 years ago
Outside IR35 banned
Division: Pharmacy
No assessment tool used No verbal or written SDS The company has forced contractors to switch to 'bank' contracts. Key staff have left, leaving a compromised workforce
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3 years ago

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