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Umbrella company FairScore 0+

Worst umbrella company - avoid at all costs

I joined Parasol over a month ago and have to say that they are the worst umbrella company that i have ever come accross, more so then giant, orange genie, JSA and the other FCSA umbrellas. I was put through a process of confirming I was out of SDC. I filled in a form and it went back and forth for over a month and in the end nothing moved forward despite Parasol confirming I fell out of SDC. If you fill in a timesheet and make a mistake in any way, to resolve the mistake you will be stuck on call after call and they still won't help and keep fobbing you off. They take nearly an hour to answer calls. When they don't know the answer to your question then add a further 15 minutes waiting on hold for them to get back to you. If you are asked to chose Parasol and have no other choice then just leave the job as your mental health and stress levels will lead you to an early passing.
Posted anonymously
2 years ago

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