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Umbrella company FairScore 0+

Just started and already running into issues...

Not enough that we are living in an uncertain times, job, housing, etc with so many issues that I lost count and that can affect health, relationships, and so on but this company is making it a lot worse by having unreliable systems (that they are working on relentlessly) and when I asked them whether their system failure will affect payments the answer was we are not sure which means yes. So I have a pile of bills to pay and I am sitting in the dark whether I am going to be paid for my work or not. Contractors were forced to go inside IR35 and ever since the payments became a lot more complicated with weak links sitting in the middle. I would avoid Parasol unfortunately is too late and I have manage this somehow. Look for a different umbrella if you can because it is completely unacceptable to behave like this when there are hundreds or thousands of people financially dependent on them. Irresponsible and negligent. Update: This afternoon I contacted Employee Support using their chat and it was quite quick. Finally I got an honest answer from Lydia Coburn that until the systems are not back they won't be able to do any payments. At least that clears up some of the issues. Still not happy.
Posted by a LinkedIn user
2 years ago
End client
Outside IR35 banned
Division: FRMS
As of April 2021 Fiserv will no longer work with PSCs.
Posted anonymously
3 years ago
Outside IR35 banned
Division: IT
Abandoned previously communicated Determination process. Offering Perm only. FTC on Perm Salary if critical project.
Posted anonymously
4 years ago

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