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Oliver James Associates

End client
Permanent roles only
Division: Finance
Was asked a while back if I’d like to consider a FTC. I politely declined as I had other clients and did not wish to work for Chubb as one of their employees. No assessment was made as I wasn’t interested in joining their company. I have since left but was told that they will be resourcing the jobs undertaken by contractors that have left with an outsourced Indian firm. The chap that brought me in to do a project wasn’t impressed with Chubbs approach... “I’m sorry I have to let you go. I’d of loved to have kept you, however the powers from above think it can all be offshored by bringing in untrained cheap Indian staff for a few months. You and I know this never works and it’s a great shame I have to let someone like you go as you were a real asset and worked well with everyone else” They plan to bring in cheap untrained Indian staff for a few months (up to a year as per their visa terms) and “train them up” in London before their visa expires; sending them back home so they can do the job back there. Good luck with that i say...if you can train someone up with 20 years experience in a few months I’d love to know how. Well done HMRC. Jobs lost and no tax being generated. It’s all gone to India. Projects will be severely impacted...I saw 3 other contractors leave in the same week I left. Decided to sit it out for a while until clients put their sensible hat back on and we can both agree a mutually beneficial contract between us to get their project work done.
Posted anonymously
4 years ago

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