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Umbrella company FairScore 0+

Avoid at all costs

Absolute Garbage . 1.They signed and accepted a contract for me even though I told them not to and had received confirmation from them that they would not on two separate occasions 2.Following a pay increase they paid me the lower amount .When I questioned this stated that they paid me what my agency had invoiced them. They left me to sort this out and it turned out my agency had invoiced the higher rate!! No apologies for the error 3. My pension plan returned some funds to them which Paystream continuously states they had not received. It was not until I was able to obtain evidence that the money had been paid to them over a month earlier that they miraculous contacted me saying I was due a payment from my pension plan . Again no apologies 4. Good luck getting any assistance when querying anything. You will speak to and receive emails from several different people who will have not looked at your previous history leading to the situation where you'll have to constantly repeat yourself. Use any umbrella company other than Paystream
Posted anonymously
2 years ago
End client
Outside IR35 banned
It is completely unacceptable that RBS, a state-owned bank, is by its actions frustrating the Government's efforts to stabilise the job market at this fragile time. On 18 March, HMRS announced: "Reforms to off-payroll working rules have been delayed by 12 months as part of the government’s Covid-19 economic response package".
Posted anonymously
4 years ago

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