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Unfair IR35 assessment
Division: Vehicle Engineering
Blanket assessment. Clearly outside with the backing of my own solicitor and accountant. I have also had a well known IR35 company review my case and all deemed me to be outside with ease. Together we put a very strong case forward on appeal, but JLRs appeal process is very poor and they found me to be in as they have an employee doing a similar role. Now building a case to take through the courts as i have been informed i have a high chance of winning. This is important to stop any comeback in years to come. While this is progressing, I am now looking overseas as this seems to be the future. Avoid JLR by a mile, you will not get an outside IR35 result because they don't want the risk. 60% of contractors have terminated their services at the end of March. Very bad atmosphere where everyone has put pens down but attending sites to be paid. JLR do not care and are only interested in their own merits, they are not going to pay the advertised rate of pay because that includes the employee cost (which is illegal). I feel this is going to come back and bite them quite hard. At the end of the day Tata/JLR are massive and are now abusing contractors and the law to their advantage. I work with many clients and i have to say JLR has been my worst to date due to the atmosphere. I am outside ir35 with all my other clients!
Posted anonymously
4 years ago
Outside IR35 banned
All contractors told they were inside 35 back in November 2019. It is now February 2020 and very little information has filtered through the layers of management. Stock response from JLR is to go speak to your agent. The agent nine times out of ten don't know and have to relay questions back through Msxi to JLR and then you are lucky to get a half decent response within a week. It is likely there will be many contractors, including myself, who will leave by 5 April 2020.
Posted anonymously
4 years ago
Outside IR35 by exception only
Division: IT Programmes
Disappointing that JLR seem to be putting virtually every role in IR35. With many contractors supporting vital programmes of work, this puts JLR at serious risk of not having the skills resources to deliver these.
Posted anonymously
4 years ago

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