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Langley James

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Brookson One

Crookson One

I/words can't really explain it tbh. To read everyone's painful experiences actually makes me feel lucky compared to everyone else who have heavy responsibilities and to add to the fact that we are just coming out of lockdowns for 2yrs and Crookson do this. I agree they will not be around much longer. To imagine the amount of money they are with-holding deserves jail time. They no longer contact me anymore with the B.S of "it will be resolved this and it is strange that this has been rectified by now - I have eyes on this so be assured this will be resolved this week." I even booked one of their meetings to discuss any issues and they never showed up. Booked with someone called Victoria Court. They have even now outsourced their customer service so they do not have a clue what is going on as they are following a script of try to dial and get no answer and then book a a fake appointment to get you off the phone. Please go and seek legal advise from ACAS or any legal body, I have never ever in my life written a review on a company and I am 45 yrs young. I had to tell my Director that I am not able to afford a travel card and my agency have subbed me a couple of hundred for me to get by. I am only posting this in the hope that someone else does not fall victim to these criminals and have their life ruined.
Posted anonymously
2 years ago

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