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Knightwood Associates

Division: Trades/Labour
Sent to on of our clients last week. Something not right about this nothing on here about National Insurance payments, and it talks about being self employed. How can you be self employed within IR35? Our margin is a maximum of £22.50 per timesheet, as outlined in the above calculation. You can only engage as self-employed CIS if you are not under Supervision, Direction and Control. We are required to carry out an assessment to determine how you carry out your current assignment, along with an assessment to ensure you are genuinely self-employed; as a self-employed worker you are not entitled to any statutory employment rights. If how you carry out your assignment changes in any way, you should let us know immediately so we can ensure your assessments are up to date. If you do not have qualifications please send your most recent CV: we require these to support your SDC assessment that you completed with us over the phone. We will also need to hold a copy of your Right to Work documentation on file. We provide a secure upload for this purpose so please ensure you follow the instructions to send us a copy of your passport (and visa if required), your biometric card or a copy of your UK birth certificate and proof of NI. If you are unsure what RTW documents to send, please contact us immediately. Delays to your payments may occur if we don’t receive sufficient documentation.
Posted anonymously
4 years ago

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