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Umbrella company FairScore 0+


As my contract stipulates i am paid in arrears on a weekly basis which is absolutely fine which is normal with recruitment agencies... here is the BUT..... Pay stream are paying me either a week late or even 2 weeks late meaning they have already been paid by the company and hold onto the money not sure why... anyway as they pay they mess around with the tax so your are not paid correctly, so eventually you are paid the money owed because you have paid the higher tax due to the fault of Paystream not paying correctly in the first place !! Very unethical !! and there is no escalation process, they put u in touch with a team leader and that's its... they'll send u a link which on their webpage and oh and behold what a load of bollox as I've tried this process and just falls on deaf ears. HERE IS THE PROBLEM... THEY GET AWAY WITH IT - CHECK THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS HERE...somehow they are all the same !! Leave this company and shame them !!
Posted anonymously
4 months ago

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