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I used crunch for several years. They were great at first but failed to listen and act on customer feedback. Relentlessly spamming me for late VAT returns which were paid on time by direct debit and were never late was the final straw. Moved to Freeagent which is free to RBS/Natwest customers and as a platform, not tied in to one platform-one accountant. Years after leaving crunch found out retrospectively they had messed up my payroll such that there was no NI credits for a particular year, a problem I'm not having to sort out myself.
Posted anonymously
8 months ago
After 13 years using a traditional Accountant, I moved to Crunch. Their system is easy and transparent to use. They have educated me a lot in my accounting practices and how I can improve them, something my traditional accountant wouldn't do without charging. They are easy to get hold of and always happy to talk. With the exception of the odd hiccup - which may have been my fault, it has been an excellent service.
Posted anonymously
11 months ago
Brilliant service. Was with Crunch for 7 years, was never let down. Would go back to them when I create a new LTD. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Posted anonymously
1 year ago
I've been with Crunch for 9 years. The odd problem here and there but nothing too bad. The service is relatively cheap and software is good. Not much Covid support needed - they processed the JRS payments under 'interest'. It's generally a fairly hands-off approach which suits me but if you need a lot of accountancy advice, particularly for personal taxation perhaps a different company would be better.
Posted anonymously
1 year ago

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