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Do not respond

I'm in the process of dealing with brookson on a fairly simple matter and they haven't replied to my emails for weeks. Its an important and time critical issue which they are well aware of but they do not seem to care. The few emails they have responded to haven't actually contained the information that was requested. I'm at my wits end with them. I cannot wait to leave
Posted anonymously
19 days ago

Brookson's don't do their job

Brookson have got almost every document they have sent me wrong. They heavily automate a lot of the accounting work via a very specific workflow, so if your situation doesn't fit that workflow then they are useless. Anything outside of that workflow is almost impossible for them to get correct. You can complain but it will take months and it will get you nowhere. They will still put all your accounting through the automated workflow that they know will get it wrong. They then will try to get someone to manually fix it after the fact, unfortunately, this is process is highly error prone and doesn't resolve the issue. So, unless your situation is you require the most basic accounting imaginable and will never buy/sell/work in a different country. Then maybe they would be ok, but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Being with them has been traumatic.
Posted anonymously
20 days ago
I've been with Brookson for about a year. They have always been quick to respond to my emails and quick to answer the phone. They are proactive in terms of posting actions for me on their portal for example allocating expenses, completing tax forms etc. I also get messages/calls if I fall behind in those areas. Brookson are also very forward in making sure I am tax efficient. I'm not sure if an experienced director would need this level of service, but as a new contractor I've found them very useful.
Posted anonymously
1 year ago

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